The Resilience Indicator

We all know that the pace of life seems to be getting faster, more complex and more challenging. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming! The ability to keep a steady course and to bounce back from adversity is crucial for one’s career success and for enjoying life to the full.

A new report we have been providing to our clients in recent months is the Resilience Indicator. This highlights the strength of an individual’s resilience around twelve factors and is invaluable for reflection on possible areas of vulnerability and opportunities for improvement.

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Benefits of a Transformational Leadership Style

Strategic Leadership helps organisations in a number of ways to develop a transformational leadership focus.  Our preferred psychometric tool supporting feedback to leaders on their impact as transformational leaders is the MLQ instrument.  But a valid question to ask is: “Does a transformational leadership style really make a positive difference in terms of productivity or other benefits?”  The answer is definitely “Yes!”, as there has been a lot of research verifying the positive benefits delivered by this style of leadership.

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Welcome to Strategic Leadership...

We believe leadership is all about influencing better outcomes.  It’s not dependent on a title or position; all you need are some thoughts for making life better – inside or outside of organisations - plus the desire to make it happen and the skills to help bring those ideas to life.

Leadership is also about positioning for the future, so that what we do today is part of a clear strategy towards building a brighter tomorrow.  This is why we have called our company “Strategic Leadership”; it’s focused on the type of leadership which has lasting impact.

May your own leadership journey be one of continuously adding value to others! 




What clients are saying:

Director, Canberra
“I have nothing but praise for the content and organisation of the course\"
Regional Manager
\"Thanks again for the coaching Ken… it made a huge difference to my approach and my confidence, and I really appreciate that\"
CEO, Leading Australian Water Authority
\"I feel I’ve been pushed further up the leadership development hill as a result of your intervention\"
Senior Manager Community Aged Care
\"I found Lynn’s approach / style to be very engaging. Lynn challenged me directly and respectfully\"
Site Manager
\"Jackie was easy to engage with and assisted the conversation to flow well and challenged me appropriately\"
General Manager Corporate Development
\"Ross came across to me as the “Dalai Lama” of Coaching\"
Area Operations Manager (leading supermarket retailer), Qld
“Ken did a great job facilitating. A good communicator and explained things in an easily understandable way.”
State Manager (leading security group), Queensland
“Excellent and thought provoking.”
General Manager Human Resources
\"Excellent program. Louise was a fantastic coach\"
CEO (large city council), WA
“Thanks for an enlightening week…”
Director of Nursing
\"Providing some lifelong learning tools in order for me to mature personally and professionally\"
Executive Learning Circle participant
\"Ken provided keen ears and offered insight and direction for the group, based on the group, and the focus or theme of the discussion\"
Coaching Client
\"Having someone to support and mentor me towards leadership goals has been fantastic\"
Program Manager
\"Coaching challenged me to try something that was outside my comfort zone, which is always worthwhile\"
Coaching Client
\"It’s been great having someone in my corner whose only interests are mine without any ulterior motives and who can clearly see the real issues\"
General Manager Marketing
\"I always felt Jackie was engaged and listening to me, and asking relevant questions\"
Site Manager, Health Care
\"This coaching time has enabled me to be more confident with the restructuring project – it greatly assisted me to be better focused on that issue.\"
Manager, Commonwealth Government
\"The coaching session with Ken was the most useful part of the module for me. Ken listened, understood and provided great ideas and interpretations\"
Coaching Client
\"Very knowledgeable. Lots of experience and pitched it at the right level\"
Coaching Client
\"Ken provided very useful insight, based on his experiences and gave me ideas and action I could take to be a better manager and leader\"
Coaching Client
\"Outstanding, wise guidance in all\"
Acting Manager, Program Services
\"I found Louise’s approach effective and I left each coaching session feeling heard and with strategies that I believed would be helpful.\"
Coaching Client
\"A very professional approach\"
Site Manager, Health Care
\"This coaching time has enabled me to be more confident with the restructuring project – it greatly assisted me to be better focused on that issue\"
Coaching Client
\"High Quality\"
Export Manager, Manufacturing
“Ken provided a great learning environment and his knowledge and delivery of subject matter was excellent and thought provoking”
Trade Commissioner, Tokyo
“Great programme. Good call to action, good drawing together of difficult and diverse material.”
General Manager, Large not-for-profit
\"It exceeded my expectations\"
Executive, Federal Agency
\"The facilitator truly played a facilitator’s role. Very experienced both practically and theoretically\"
Manager, Not-for-Profit
\"Learning the situational leadership model was particularly useful and practical. I will absolutely use this.\"


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